Soul+Food: Yoga & Healthy Fats (Dispelling Fat Myths)

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Liz Davis, RN, NTP and Ashley Baker Haselton of Ashley Baker Yoga are teaming up again to offer you an afternoon of deep, ancestral heritage and wisdom surrounding the health topic of FAT. Liz and Ashley (along with their families) have been eating a higher fat, nutrient dense diet for years to reverse health issues and to support a healthy functioning body, mind and soul.

Healthy fats have been scrutinized in our day in age due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of their amazing HEALTH benefits. Yes, HEALTH benefits. Believe me I know… I, too, was once so scared of fat—to eat it, to touch it, to even say it out loud! Myth buster #1 (through research, wisdom and experience), healthy fats DO NOT make you fat. There is a lot of confusing, contradictory information out there around this taboo topic. We are coming together to share a wealth of knowledge with you that is solid, tried and true, with supporting research and evidence that has been passed down from our ancestors for so many generations!

 Topics we will be covering:

  • - Fat Basics 101
  • - Roles of Fats
    • - Did you know? Fats…
      •    -    Provide a source of energy
      •    -    Are building blocks for all cell membranes
      •    -    Are building blocks for hormones such as prostaglandins (inflammation), cortisol,
      •          and sex hormones
      •    -    Are necessary for healthy liver and gallbladder function: building healthy cholesterol
      •          and bile
      •    -    Are required for the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K
      •    -    Are required for the adequate use of proteins
      •    -    Serve as a protective lining for the organs of the body
      •    -    Play a role in slowing the absorption of food for proper energy regulation
      •    -    Are imperative to managing the inflammatory process
      •    -    Make food taste good (BONUS)
    • - History of Consumption—They DO NOT cause heart disease!
    • - Examples of healthy fats—what fats to eat, to cook with and how to supplement your diet
    • - Examples of poor quality fats—awareness around the fats we think are “healthy”
    • - Baby’s 1st food options
    • - Food demonstration-The most exciting of all (well at least we think so!)



LARD RENDERING! Yes, we said it LARD. You heard us right. Please do not be confused with the term Crisco. (Lard is gold—a very highly prized food; Crisco is plastic.) Lard has been coined as “the olive oil of the South”. We will be offering a complete demonstration on how to “make” lard in your own home—and this is pretty much the only way to get your hands on this highly nutrient dense food. You will leave with the tools, knowledge, and confidence for rendering lard. (Pork fat will be for sale at Blue Water Creek after the event)



Join us as we continue to shed light and awareness to preserve culture and tradition within our families and community!


Also included in the workshop:

  • - 1 hour yoga class—please bring a mat if you have one—a few will be provided
    •    -  Beginner Level-all are welcome and encouraged to participate
    •    -  You do not have to participate in yoga to come to the Healthy Fats Workshop
    •    -  Gentle, nurturing class focused on deep breathing, restorative poses, targeting joint health
  • - Complete lard rendering demonstration—step by step
    •    -  Please bring a 4-8oz jar to carry home a sample of finished lard
    •    -  Recipe and benefits of healthy fats will be provided
  • - Farm Tour (optional)

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  • When:  Saturday, March 21st
  • Time:  12pm-4pm (yoga, workshop, then farm tour)
  • Where: Blue Water Creek Farm
  • Cost: $25/person


Liz and I will be teaching several more workshops together this year! We will be offering workshops on: fermenting vegetables, basics on making smoothies and fresh juice, and how to cook organ meats.

We will also be joining forces with chef, Zach Chanin of The Factory at Alabama Chanin, in July for a workshop on how to grill grassfed meats and fresh vegetables!

We are super excited to share with you all!


Liz and Ashley


Liz, Collins (husband), Abby (daughter)


Ashley and Josh (husband)


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