Caney Creek Falls Hiking & Yoga

 With Summer and Ashley - September 23rd, 2017

Our lives our busy, and our minds are even busier.  This fall we invite you to take a pause in your busy schedule, set aside your to-do list, and escape into the beauty of nature.

This quote sums it up perfectly: "I have found that when the sense of wonder leaves me, when everything becomes dull and ordinary, it is because I have kept too fast pace for too long. I have pushed past my own boundaries and now I am out of balance. It is time to rest. When I am rested, nothing is dull and ordinary; everything flows with mystery. Whether I take it easy for a day or escape into the woods by myself, it is hard to give this rest to myself. There are a million and one reasons why I can't. My ego likes to feel important, and it doesn't feel important when I am resting. My ego also doesn't like the idea that life can can go on without me, even if it is only for a few hours; I like to be where the action is. Besides, in this culture of constant activity, there is always so much that needs to be done. 

And yet, I'm hungry to step outside of the habits of technology and the bombardment of stimulation and the routines I have conveniently put in place for myself. I am hungry to learn from the silence and see if I am on track with my soul. I am hungry to tame the stimulation and pull back the indulgences. And I am hungry to do nothing and let that be more than enough. Resting rejuvenates my sense of mystery. In this simple act, I find my eyes are shifted to wonder and my heart spontaneously bursts with songs of gratitude." Deborah Adele (From the book Yamas and Niyamas) 

Summer McCreless, of Mothering Herbs, and Ashley of Ashley Baker Yoga and Wellness have planned a day hike to Caney Creek Falls in Bankhead National Forest in Northern Alabama. You will experience great views of a beautiful waterfall, rock formations, and a scenic hollow. Once you get to the end you can just walk down to the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy the view of the falls and canyon.

We will spend several hours in the wilderness completely engulfed in nature---which in itself is healing for the soul. We will be offering beginner yoga poses, meditation, and time to explore the area. 

What’s included in our day event:
• 2 Yoga Sessions (beginning and ending hike—20-25 mins each)
• Guided 3 Mile (total) Hike to and from the Caney Creek Falls
• Plant and Herb Identification and Discussion throughout the hike
• Guided Meditation around waterfall and creek (journal, read, etc)
• Fresh, Herbal Tea made and provided by Summer of Mothering Herbs--Please bring your own cup

*You will be responsible for your own food (lunch and snacks) and water.

Cost: $25 per person
• Space is limited- 20 people max
• Please confirm by email:
• Please pay in person at Shoals Yoga, mail, venom or paypal: by Sept 9th
• 1629 Darby Drive, Florence, AL 35630

Caney Creek Hike/Yoga

We are looking forward to spending a day with you all! It is amazing we have the Bankhead so close to home!


Yoga: All-levels (from beginner to advanced)
Hike: All levels


With Love and Excitement,
Ashley and Summer


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