Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop


Join me for a playful exploration of arm balances and inversions.

Arm balances require a beautiful balance of effort and surrender, openness and strength, and the courage to explore our boundaries-physically, mentally and emotionally. Approaching this workshop with lots of curiosity and a willingness to let go of expectations and preconceived ideas, will leave you with a gratifying experience.

Learn to set a strong foundation to find more ease in challenging poses. Find a sense of lightness through alignment and safe, mindful movement—relying less on effort and force. Improve your strength and flexibility to improve arm balances.

No prior experience is needed. Whether you are just beginning to explore arm balances or an advanced practitioner, we will build from the ground up. There will be exciting, “get out of your comfort zone” play for all.

There will be opportunities for partner play to help support and guide one another.

Be ready to breathe, play, explore, root down, take your feet off the ground and go upside down!


Saturday, September 19th, 2015
Part 1: Arm Balances
Exploring crow pose, side crow, 8 angle pose, and other variations

Sunday, September 20th, 2015
Part 2: Inversions
Exploring handstand and forearm stand

$25 each session/$45 both session
Space in limited. Please reserve your spot in advance.


Location:  Shoals Yoga   1629 Darby Drive - Florence, AL - 3563018816_508500055852054_1114891738_n

Email: for further questions

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